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Garcia-Colinas Trading & Engineering was established in April 1978 to conduct international trading and consulting engineering. We started as a specialized firm in the air conditioning and ventilation equipment field and has evolved into a multi-trade of equipment and projects. 

We have worked in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Always maintaining an excellent reputation with our suppliers and always strives to maintain the most competitive prices in the market. Our main focus is to keep our customers satisfied. And our main goal is to continue into the twenty-second century with service to our customers, reliability, and to continue to do respective business.

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EEUU – Miami, Florida

Garcia-Colinas Trading & Engineering 8889 SW 131 Street, Miami, FL 33176



PANAMA – Panama City

Garcia-Colinas Trading & Engineering Panama, S.A. Hato Pintado, Calle George Westerman, E18 Panama, Panama

(507) 229-2913

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